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Learn Online Step by Step from Live Instructor with Individual Attention. No More Wasting money by Buying Online Videos or Book Marking You Tube Videos to watch Later , which we all know rarely happens.


Just Spend 2 hours on Alternate day with an Expert and by the Time you actually realize 1 month has passed and you note that you know the Technology well and you are able to think differently

Learn DVCS [ Git ,Git Hub, Atlassian Bit Bucket, Atlassian Source Tree] / DevOps from Uman .  


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See the "Git , GitHub , BitBucket , Source Tree" course content Below :


GIT , GIT HUB , ATLASSIAN BIT BUCKET , ATLASSIAN SOURCE TREE : ( DVCS ) Training : Online / Corporate Training [ 16 hrs / 2 Days ] 

  1. Introduction to Distributed Version Control (DVCS )
  2. Introduction / Installation of  Git 
  3. Difference Between Git & Git Hub
  4. Understanding Git Hub 
  5. Creating Account at Git Hub 
  6. Creating / Managing Repository ( Priviate / Public ) at GitHub
  7. Should we go For Git Hub or Bit Bucket ??
  8. Understanding Atlassian Bit Bucket
  9. Creating Account at Bit Bucket
  10. Creating / Managing Repository ( Priviate / Public ) at Bit Bucket
  11. Git Branch, Git CheckOut 
  12. GIT Remote Add, GIT Clone & GIT Fetch
  13. GIT Rebase
  14. GIT Merge & Conflict Handling
  15. GIT Revert & GIT Clean
  16. Understanding Atlassian Source Tree
  17.  How to Use Atlassian Source Tree 
  18. Complete Work Shop Training to Understand the Distributed Version Controlling System , Merging and Managing Conflicts & Best Practice


Learn DevOps Testing from Professional with multiple year of industry experience .  Understand the Difference between SDLC , Agile and DevOps.


At present we have the Below course running in DevOps . This is an online / Corporate Training in Gurgaon . Book your seat for the Next Batch Now and get the DevOps Advantage . For any further details please contact


486 : DevOps Training : Online / Gurgaon

  1. Introduction to SDLC, Agile and DevOps
  2. DevOps Concept and Culture
  3. Seemless Transition from Dev to Production
  4. Understanding Jira - Creating Epic & User Story
  5. Continuous Development
  6. Understanding Git and GitHub 
  7. Workshop on Git & Git Hub to Start Using it
  8. Understanding Maven
  9. Continuous Testing
  10. Understanding JUnit
  11. Understanding Docker
  12. Continuous Integration
  13. Understanding Jenkins
  14.  Integrating Jenkins with Git Hub for Automatic Transition
  15. Understanding Puppet for Continuous Deployment
  16. Continuous Monitoring through Nagios
  17. Simulating Small Real World Project End to End Development to Deployment using DevOps Concept and Tools 


Links to Learning Material on this site :

  1. Software Development Life Cycle
  2. Waterfall Model
  3. Software Testing
  4. Software Tester Roles & Responsiblity
  5. What is Version Control




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