Microsoft Excel And VBA - Course Content- Basic To Advanced

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Microsoft Excel Course Content

Session 1

  • Introduction and Basic Oeriew of Excel
  • Working with Cells, Range, Workbook and Worksheets
  • Customized formatting of Cells
  • Cell References (Absolute, Relatie & Mixed)
  • Shortcut Keys & Other Features (Adanced Paste Special and finding & replacing data etc.)

Session 2

  • Use of “&” to Join data in different cells and ranges
  • Logical formula (IF function and its complex uses)
  • Adance Conditional Formatting and its Use in different scenarios

Session 3

  • Logical Complex Formulas (IF, OR, AND & IFERROR)
  • Use of Nested IF formula with examples
  • More Adanced Formulas (TRIM, Len, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF)
  • Use of IF formulas with Text and Logical formulas
  • Defining Cell Range & Name Manager

Session 4

  • Use of Auto Filter and Adanced Filter
  • Displaying Unique Record by using Adanced Filter
  • Linking of  Cells, Ranges, Worksheets and  Workbooks
  • Open websites, existing files etc. by Inserting Hyperlink
  • More useful formulas (RIGHT, LEFT, LEN, FIND, SUMIF )

Session 5

  • Lookup & Reference cell Formulas ( ROW, COLUMN, LOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, OFFSET, etc.)
  • Text to Column to fetch data
  • Adanced Data alidation and its use in different scenarios
  • Adance use of Sorting & Filtering

Session 6

  • What if Analysis Techniques (Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Table)
  • Protecting worksheet and workbook
  • Customized Protection of worksheet
  • Sharing Workbook
  • Import Data from Different Sources like MS Access, SQL Database, Web, Text etc.

Session 7

  • Basics of BA (Macros)
  • Uses of Macros
  • Recording new Macros
  • Protecting and working on BA projects


VBA Course Content

Session 8

Introduction and Basics of VBA

Advantage of VBA

Recording and executing macros

Overview of VBA Editor, Project Explorer, Properties Windows

What are Objects, Methods, Properties ?

Session 9

Overview and Display of Messagebox and Inputbox

Basics and Scope of Constants and Variables

Introduction and Basics of Data types, Storage and Data Size

Detailed discussion on If…Then…Else,  Elseif Statements

Using Select Case Statements

Session 10

Simple Arithmetic Operators (* /  %  ^  -  +)

Relational or Comparison Operators

Concatenate Operators (+ , &)

Logical Operators (And, OR, NOT)

Sub Procedure vs Function Procedure

Session 11

For…Each Loop

For…Next Loop

Do…While Loop

EXIT Statement

Return Statement

Using Functions in Formulas

Session 12

With…End With Statements

Linking with Cells, Range, Worksheets & Workbooks

Open, Close & Save Workooks

Import data from multiple Rages and Worksheets using VBA

Classroom Project 1


Session 13

Select, Add, Rename Workbooks and Worksheets

File Handling – Opening, Reading & Writing to files from VBA

Protect / Unprotect Workbooks and Worksheets

Consolidate Multiple Workbooks into one using VBA


Session 14

Overview of Userforms and its advantages

Working With Command Buttons, List Box, Combo Box, Option Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Boxes, Labels

Debugging and Error Handling Techniques in VBA

Classroom Project 2



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