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How to Solve PowerBI to Excel Connectivity Issue

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How to Solve PowerBI to Excel Connectivity Issue

PowerBI Excel Connectivity Error

How To Solve Power BI Connectivity Error to Excel Sheet – Here you also learn How to Connect Sample Supestore Data set to PowerBI


When you try to Connect Power BI To Excel Data Source You may get an error like below :

Details: “Excel Workbook: The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. The 64-bit version of the Access Database Engine 2010 Access Database Engine OLEDB provider may be required to read ‘Sample – Superstore.xls’.



Or You can also say that this error is received when you try to connect Power BI to Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet

To Solve this error , The easiest way is to open your Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Data Sheet and “Save As” – Excel Workbook ( .xlsx )

Now Connect Power BI to .xlsx and your Error will be resolved .


You can watch the Video Below to see How Step by Step I do the stuff i explained above . Subscribe to the YouTube Channel by clicking Red Button to Make Sure You don’t miss any further Free learning that get added – Instrovate You Tube Channel




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