SAS Basics

SAS File Extensions

The SAS programs , data files and the results of the programs are saved using various extensions in windows .

The following file extensions are -

*.sas - It represents the SAS code file which can be edited using SAS editor or text editor.

*.log - It represents the SAS Log file . It contains information such as errors, warnings etc.

*.sas7bdat - it represents SAS data file which contains a SAS data set including variable names , labels and observation.

Important SAS Keyboard Shortcuts

Description                                                                                Shortcut key

Run or submit a program                F3 or F8

Comment the selected code                Ctrl + /

Stop Processing or cancel submitted program        Ctrl+ Break

Convert selected text to upper case            Ctrl + Shift + U

Find text                        Ctrl + F

Find and replace text                    Ctrl + H

Copy selection                        Ctrl + C

Paste                            Ctrl + V

Cut selection                        Ctrl + X

Go to a particular line                    Ctrl + G

Move to beginning of line                Home

Move to top                        Ctrl + Home

Move to end                        Ctrl + End

To close the active window                Ctrl + F4

To exit the SAS System                    Alt + F4

Open a new program window                F4


Permanent library

We can create permanent library by following steps -

First click on leftmost button under Libraries .

It will open following window of New Library -

We give name satya to new library . We click on checkbox to re-create library every time when we open SAS Studio.  

We click on Browse  , then it will open this window -

Then , click on OK button to create library .

We can see SATYA library under My Libraries tab  as -


We can also create permanent library by using libname statement in SAS 9.2 window version.

libname satya "C:\Users\dell\Desktop";


We create a new dataset apple and store in satya library.



You can see library SATYA store APPLE dataset .

We do not store anything in our dataset . So , it shows this window -

Temporary library

We create a dataset to store it temporarily as -

Data abc;




The dataset stores in Work library . As you can see ABC dataset under Work library in below window -


Data step

The structure of Data step  is as-

Data dataset_name;

Input variable_names;


Data             <-    We enter data to store in dataset

;           <-     It shows end of data



Data  - It is used to create a dataset with dataset_name as name of the dataset .

Input - It shows the list of variable names.

Datalines/Cards - It is used to read data internally. We used Cards in previous version of SAS.

Data - it shows the data to store in the dataset.

Run  - To execute the program .

SAS variable types

It has two types -

Numeric variable

This is the default variable type . It store only digits from 0 to 9 .

Syntax -


We create three variables VAR1 , VAR2 , VAR3 .

We can create id ,salary  and age variables as -

Input id salary age ;

Character Variable

It store data which includes string, digits and special symbols like marine , abc12 , #dfg89 etc.

Syntax -


We create two character variables VAR1 , VAR2.

We create character variables name , gender as -

Input name $ gender $;


We create a new dataset "new" . It stores name and marks of students .SAS reads line-by-line to store data in dataset .It reads data column-wise separated by space.  

Data new;

input name$ marks;


Satya 45

Ram 78



We can execute our SAS code by using F3 function key .

It shows output of program in OUTPUT DATA window -


We create a dataset "abc" . It includes id , name and salary .

data abc;

input id name$ salary ;


101 Dan 45000

102 Derry 8564

103 Henry 87562



We can execute our SAS code by using F3 function key .

The output of SAS code can be seen in OUTPUT DATA window -

The dataset ABC store in WORK library .




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