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Tableau Server Course Content ​


Tableau Server Introduction

  • Introduction

  • Hardware Requirement

  • Pricing

  • Difference Between Tableau Server & Tableau Online

  • Tableau Server Administrator Vs Site Administrator

Tableau Server Installation On Cloud / On Premise

  • Installation On Premise ( if the system has the pre-requisite configuration )

  • Purchase a Azure Virtual Machine with Tableau Server Configuration

  • Installation on Azure Virtual Machine ( Cloud)

  • License & 14 Days Free Trail

  • Configuration

  • Tableau Server Customizing Name / Logo To Your Company's Name / Logo

Tableau Server Administration:

  • Sites

  • Projects

  • Groups

  • Roles

  • Users

  • Building Tableau Workbook on Tableau Server

Publish Workbook / DataSource on Tableau Server

  • Extract / Publish Data Source
  • Publish Tableau Workbooks / Dashboard

  • Permissions

  • Extracts, Tasks,

  • Schedules, Subscriptions

TabAdmin / TabCmd / Tableau Server Maintenance

  • Tabadmin commands
  • Run several Tabadmin commands for your Tableau Server
  • TabCmd Commands
  • Run several TabCmd commands for your Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server Backup

  • Tableau Server Upgrade

Tableau Server User / Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor Tableau Server Standard Performance Metrics

  • Enable Tableau Server Database User ( Postgres )

  • Create Custom Tableau Server Monitoring by connecting to Server Database

  • Enable Performance Recording

  • Interpret Performance Recording

Java Script Api in Tableau:

  • Create a Local HTML page and Embed Tableau Workbook / Dashboard

  • Create a Local HTML / Java Script and Display Tableau Workbook / Dashboard from Tableau Public / Tableau Server

  • Filter the data displayed in visualizations with HTML controls in the page.

  • Select marks in visualizations. 

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