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Looking to Learn Data Analytics & Data Visualisation using Tableau Desktop ? 
On The Left Hand Side of this page ( I have added all the link below for direct access ) you can see several link which are Free Tableau Tutorial and excellent material to start learning Tableau .
These explains in a very easy way , step by step some of the most important Topics in Data Visualisation using Tableau . You can follow them along and also you can subscribe to get the weekly , monthly Free PDF of Tableau Knowledge Material when it is added. 

Corporat Tableau Training - Course Content ( Below ) 


The Most Elaborative Tableau Course Content Covering Tableau , Tableau

Server Essentials, Tableau With R ,Tableau with Python , Sentimental Analysis with Python and Tableau etc. See the course content Below  :


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Tableau 10.5 Desktop & Server (Essentials) Course Content

Tableau Introduction

  • Tableau Introduction.

  • Overview of Tableau workbook, worksheets.

  • Dimension &  Measures

  • Discrete And Continuous

Install Tableau Desktop & Download & Connect To Database

  • How to Connect Tableau Desktop to Various Files.

  • Create Data Extracts

  • Live Connection

  • Use of Mark/Size/Colour/Transparency/Label

  • Tool Tip/ Detail / View Highlight

Different Chart Types

  • Area Maps

  • Scatter Plot

  • Heat Maps

  • Bar Charts

  • Line Charts

  • Histograms

  • Box And Whisker

  • Pie Chart

  • Maps

  • Dual Axis Charts

  • Various other chart types (Pareto, Waterfall, Barcode, Bullet, Waffle etc.)

Data Organising

  • Create Sets

  • Create Bins

  • Create Groups

  • Using Sets and Group to Increase the Efficiency of Work.

  • Filters & Types of Filter

  • Drilling , Alias

  • Sorting ,Computed Sort, Axis Sort

  • Hierarchies


  • Format Visualization

  • Size, Shapes, Details, Tooltips

  • Labels , Annotations

  • Titles, Captions

  • Legends ,Highlight

  • Handle Null Values


Calculated Fields

  • Calculated Fields

  • String / Date / Logical Functions

  • Calculated Column using single Formula.

  • Aggregation / Dis-Aggregation

Table Calculations

  • Using Table Calculations

  • Difference Between Calculated Field and Table Calculations

  • Computation Direction For Table Calculation.

  • QA

Level Of Detail Expressions

  • Table Scoped LOD


  • Include/ Exclude LOD.

  • LOD and Aggregations

  • Filters And LOD

  • Data source Constraints Of LOD

Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions And Boxes

  • Types Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes

  • Adding Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes

  • Editing/ Removing Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes


  • Forecasting Constraints

  • How Forecasting Works In Tableau

  • Create A Forecast.

  • Forecast Field Result

  • Configure Forecast Result

  • Forecast Description

  • Null Forecast

  • Resolving Forecasting


  • Creating Parameters

  • Editing Parameters

  • Using Parameters In Filters, Calculations And Reference Lines

  • Parameter Controls

Analytics Pane

  • Adding/ Removing Trend Lines

  • Trend Line Model Types and Terms

  • Assessing Trend Lines Significance

  • Reference Line / Band

  • Cluster

  • Constant Line

Sharing Your Visualization

  • Tableau Public  Concepts

  • Basic Tableau Server Concepts

  • Workbook, Packaged Workbook

  • Export

  • Print

  • Publish as PDF

Others Important Areas

  • Data Blending

  • Performance tuning with live connections & large data sets

  • Performance Recorder

  • Best Practices on Tableau integration with external portals

New Features in Tableau 10.2 , 10.3 , 10.4 , 10.5

  • Understanding Cross Database Joins with Excel And MS Sql Server

  • Filter Data across Multiple Primary data sources.

  • Custom Territories on Map

  • K-Means Cluster in Tableau 10.0

  • Creating Custom Territory using K-means Cluster

  • New Connectors in 10.2 & 10.3

  • Retain Connectivity Detail

  • Using Highlighter

  • New Table Calculation

  • Title Display in worksheet

  • On Demand connector

  • PDF Connectors

  • Smart Table & Join Recommendations

  • Union Updates, Table Cal Filters

  • Tooltip Selections, Distribute Evenly in Dashboard


  • Tableau with R Integration

  • Using “R” scripts in Tableau

  • Tableau with Python Integration

  • Using Python scripts in Tableau

  • Sentimental Analysis In Python using Tableau ( Amazon Data Set )


Interactive Dashboard Concepts

  • Tiled & Floating Layout

  • Filter , Highlight & URL Actions

  • Calendar Dashboard

  • Web page Dashboard

  • Sheet Selector Dashboard

  • Executive Dashboard

  • Tactical Dashboard

  • Dashboard Formatting

  • Linking Dashboards

Tableau Server / Online Overview:

  • Tableau Server / Online Overview

  • Sites

  • Projects

  • Groups

  • Roles

  • Users

  • Permissions

  • Overview of Extracts, Tasks, Schedules, Subscriptions

Publish Workbook / DataSource on Tableau Server

  • Extract / Publish Data Source
  • Publish Tableau Workbooks / Dashboard

  • Permissions

  • Extracts, Tasks,

  • Schedules, Subscriptions

Tableau Server / Online Administration Overview :

  • TabCmd Command
  • TabAdmin Command ( No Hands On ) .

Take Tableau Server Complete Course If you are looking for More Elaborate Information on Tableau Server


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