Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities in India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and Also outside India

Instrovate Technologies provides Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India. We have really enjoyed this journey of Data Analytics and Data Visualization and as a Thankful Gesture to all of you , we are providing  Free pdf for Tableau to Download for topic like Tableau Integration with R & Mapbox at the end of this blog . 


Instrovate Technologies is a specialist in Data Analytics and Data Visualization using Tableau Trainings . You can reach out at or whatsapp at +91-9953805788 if you are looking for  Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India.


We have Trained participants from different domain be it Sales , Finance , HR , IT , Marketing , Digital Marketing etc . Based on our experience While interacting with the particpants from our multiple Batch of students from  Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and Also outside India we have seen the participants getting immediate benefit of taking Tableau Training . 


If i try to distribute the partipcants below are the different participants segment from my training program and all of them have gained immensely irrespective of their background . Please try to read only the one that you belong too as there may be too much of information for you to digest you : 

  1. Tableau Training in Gurgaon For Job Seekers : For Those who have been looking for job were able to find job as they got some real skill set to show case .  During  my Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and Also outside India, Participants does not only learn Tableau ,but he also gets an overview and learns about analytics around Spreadsheet , Excel , CSV , Data base (RDBMS ) - , The Data Warehouse Concept, The Data Modelling  , The Reporting Best practices , Star & Snowflake schema , Big Data Concept , Hortonworks Hadoop Connectivity , Geo coding , Google Map , Custom Maps and much more . This leads to a manifold increase in the number of skill set to be put on resume leading to an immediate breakthrough. 
  2. Tableau Training in Gurgaon  for Experienced Professional From Different BackGround  who wants to Shift to Analytics : For Those who wanted to shift to Data Analytics from a different back ground successfully shifted to Data Analytics and are now doing Great. Again the reason here was Data Visualization tool start from something that helps an experienced person to immediately relate to . He is able to connect his experience and the results he is getting . When you can see the Data , you can understand it . And when you know how to use Tableau Tool to See your Data , You have started your Analytics Journey . Then again , similiar to a Job Seeker he gets acquaintance with all the different Analytics and Advance Analytics tools available like R, Python , Data Modelling Concepts , AI Alogorithms , Machine Learning Alogorithms that can be used do some analysis , Be it Market Basket Analysis in Tableau or K-Means Clustering in Tableau or Integrating Tableau with R Programming and run a Linear / Logistic or Neural Network on the Data set or Integrating Tableau with Python and run a python scikit algorithm or a Sentimental Analysis on the data set & display the data.  Based on which course - Basic To Intermediate Tableau Training  or Advance Tableau Training a participant has enrolled as these are a wide range of topic and can not be digested at the initial level i cover them during my Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India .
  3. Tableau Training in Gurgaon For Middle Management Professionals : Those who were at middle management were able to use some stunning Data Visualization in their Presentations and catch immediate attention of their Boss and Got Promoted. This is actually not a statement to sell my Tableau Training and actually much easier than as it sound , if you consider this , Say A Sales Head , Explains a Data Spreadsheet very well in his board meeting But the Other  Sales Head starts presenting with an Interactive Tableau Dashboard . Moreover with an Interactive Tableau Dashboard , you do not need to worry about some of the adhoc or extempore question that your boss may ask . For example if its a Sales Report and suddenly your Boss Ask , Ok , Can you tell me who is the number one customer of Last Quarter of the Least Performing Segment . Now with Tableau Interactive Dashboard , its just a Few Clicks away . So whatever time and money that is spend during my Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India is All worth the Money as it makes you a Star Performer .
  4. Tableau Training in Gurgaon For Higher Management & Leadership Team ( LT ) : Those who were at Higher Management and Leadership Team ( CEO , Director , CIO etc ) were able to use the Self Service Business Intelligence Feature of Tableau and were able to Analyze the Reports / Raw Sales / Finance Data on their own Find some Valuable knowledge and Actionable Insight that their Team missed out and implement them upfront  . We all have heard about some big companies and start ups those which did not work out and the reason for this was they were too dependent on their team. As a Business owner and entrepreneur we all know that how important it is to be able to analyze the Key Metrics on our own.  We will have to admit now the number of sources the Data is coming in , is too many and even though we are very smart we can not manage that on our own . We have to take some finer decisions like Pricing Strategy , Acquistion Strategy , Expansion Strategy etc. and for all these we need to be a Self Service Data Analyst - at least to an extent we can make out that the Data is speaking the Truth . So if we have kept a Profit of 1$ only per product and we were able to sell 100 Million of that product we made a Profit of 100 Million Dollar , However Later we realized that the Data Analyst / Scientist was wrong and we were actually making a 1 $ Loss per product . So Now what we do, They will get another Job , because now they learnt How to calcuate the right price and not make mistake , but what about the 100 Million Dollar loss . Ok That was a hypothetical use case , but its always wise to be ready . I have been conducting Data Analytics batches for Leadership Team at times and during my leadership batch for Tableau Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India , there are so many Interesting Data Analytics Use Case that comes up , that i wonder that Leadership Team has to be a Data Analyst , else its not possible to survive


After all the above , i must say i am a Fan of Data Visualization Tool and Self Service Business Intelligence. I keep exploring all the Data Viz tools that keep coming in the market and i must say Tableau is a wonderful Data Visualization Tool and a leader in Self Service Business Intelligence . Whenever it comes to what tool be used even by a Non Programmer or a Non Technical Person to find Valuable Knowledge and Actionable Insights from your Raw Data Tableau is definitely one of the  immediate choice. The Beauty of the tool lies in the way it gives Even a Non Technical person the advantage of Doing Data Analytics and present some Beautiful Visualization within no time along with running some complex Analysis , Algorithms , statistics , VizQL , Hyper and other stuff that we dont even need to know as our focus lies in Understanding our Data . 


Our Data Analytics and Data Visualization Tableau is  Training in Gurgaon And Other Cities of India like  Noida , Bangalore , Ranchi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Pune etc and even outside India is lead by Akriti lal . You can view her linked in profile at -  and you can reach out to her at . 


Akriti Lal is a Data Analytics and Data Visualization maven with a Decade of experience in different industry verticals.She has worked extensively on data visualisation tools like Tableau , Microsoft Power BI , Microsoft Power Pivot , Power Query ,Power View , Power Excel & Google Data Studio . She has had a chance to mentor and work with professionals of Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies, handling business in Finance, health, Media and entertainment, Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) companies for hospitality etc. She has a wide range of training experience from training Experienced Professionals & members of Leadership Team ( LT ) to Students from different Engineering Colleges and Educational Institutes. 


Akriti Lal has been associated with Multiple Individual in premises training , Online Training , Webinars , Proof of Concepts (POC's) and has an Expertise in Corporate Tableau Training. Her Last Few Data Visualization / Tableau Corporate Training's with avg feedback of 4.5/5 at 
۞ Adavance Data Analytics Tableau Training at Bureau Veritas - September 2018

۞Advance Data Viz Training at American Express - August - July 2018 
۞ Data Viz Training To Group of 55 participants at Great Lakes , Bangalore Batch- August - July 2018 
۞ 4 day Advance Data Viz Training at CVENT- June 2018 
۞ Advance Data Viz Training with multiple data sources like sql server , Hadoop Hive at Sun Life Financials June 2018
۞ IBM , Bangalore Dat Viz Training # May 2018
۞ Great Lakes Hyderabad Data Viz Training with feedback of 4.83 / 5 # May 2018
۞ Tableau Connectivity with Hortonworks and Cloudera Hadoop / Hive/ Impala at Great Lakes 
Hyderabad # April 2018
۞ Ernst & Young # March 2018
۞ American Express #March 2018 ,
۞ EXL Service #February 2018 ,۞ CVENT : Dec 2017 ۞ Optum Global Solutions ۞ EXL Services ۞ AON Alight ۞ Fidelity International ۞ AON , Noida ۞ Sun Life Financial ۞ Bain & Company ۞ ApprissHealth ۞ Incedo Inc ۞ Bennett Coleman & Company Limited ( BCCL ) ۞ Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL ) ۞ Times Internet ۞ Value Edge ۞ IMS Eng College [ IMSEC ]۞ RIET Jaipur



As promised as a Thankful Gesture to all of you , you can Download Free pdf for Tableau topic like Tableau Integration with R & Mapbox at the end of this blog and there are many knowlege blogs on this website at this link - Link to Free Tableau Learning Material on this website


Tableau With R Integration

Tableau With R Integration - Step By Step Guide To Integrate Tableau With R
Tableau With R Integration.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [865.7 KB]

Bonus - Tableau with Mapbox Integration

Tableau Integration with Custom Map Styles From MapBox
Tableau Integration With Mapbox.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [965.3 KB]

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